So we, in our innocence, may come to see
God in the essence of the air we breathe
in every thought or notion we conceive.
God is real, but beyond our conception.

Religions form biased views of divinity
as sacramental gloss undermines reality
giving false importance to us, humanity.
The churches are transfixed by ancient error.

We may struggle with much of what is called Christian,
for much of what is written is without justification,
driven more by power-politics than by authentication.
The doctrine of the churches needs fundamental revision.

Human structures form as shields in which we trust
Yet, on the carpet of eternal time, we are but dust
self-centred but playing such a minor role
in making God's Kingdom really whole.

Even though we may discard the myths of religion,
we may find value in religious teaching
and seek to follow down the path
that Jesus taught us.

There may, or may not, be more to our lives
than we experience here on this earth,
but we can only fantasise about it
and do what we can here on earth.