Jesus said that God is Spirit
was always present with him,
and can be with us all.

He said that the Kingdom of God
is not in some distant heaven,
but here and now.

Is God then set apart
a distant, awesome judge, to be faced fearfully;
to be met in fear, trembling, at life's end?

Or is God present, active, inhabiting creation
within us and beside us, living with our frailities?

Are , we, mankind, made in God's image
through God's Spirit dwelling within us
or have we made God in our image
knowing of no other?

Was Jesus a man in whom God dwelt fully
as God dwells partially in us all?

Are we, as scripture tells, all wayward Saints,
each failing to fulfill our divine potential,
freed by love to get it wrong?

Seeking a new vision of divinity
leads us to see God in creation
in trees and flowers,
wind and sun
even in each other.

The heavens declare the glory of God,
the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

The words of Jesus proclaimed
the immediacy of God's presence
the current reality of God's Kingdom.

God may thus be much simpler
than we may have imagined;
an all-pervading reality
of no form or substance
yet evidenced by love.

Yet such concepts conflict with what we are taught,
fail to conform to what we are told is truth
with what our religion insists that we affirm.

Such change requires much re-evaluation;
To rethink what is our Gospel.