Tales of our innocent chidhood, instilled in our school or nursery
do not always fit an adult perspective yet can be appropriate for that time
meet our childhood's needs.

We may then adopt a morality atuned to Christ's teaching
though without the incubus of Christian doctrine.
We may be good people, or otherwise,
without any spiritual context.

The Christian concept of being Born Again
takes us on another step of our journey, a new beginning.

Once embraced within the Christian cradle we may take many pathways,
though all proclaim a Christ-like foundation, that can be seen in several ways.

All pathways lead to that final hurdle of the grave
and the question, the hope, which that embraces of life beyond.
Religious doctrines, Christian and other religions, proclaims eternal life
dependent on obedience to set criteria defined for its adherents.

So we may come to ask the purpose of such a journey.
What are we meant to do? Why are we here?
For what have we lived?