The God of my childhood dealt impartial justice
from a glorious throne in the heavenly realm,
to which, if I was good, I could aspire.

My childhood God had three parts;
the Father who was both Creator and Judge,
yet cared, paternally for every hair upon my head;
His Son, who had paid for my sins by being crucified
and become an intermediary with his Father for me,
and, thirdly, the Holy Ghost, which was scary
and I didn't understand.

The God of my childhood was set apart, holy.

In denial of
such transparent unreality
I turned from any real spirituality,
from any interest in divinity.
There is no God,

The God of adulthood became lip-service,
untrue and unreflected as reality
wrapped in liturgy and sacrament,

Yet personal experience forced a rethink.
A new conception of divine reality.

Need I then revert to childhood's story,
knowing no other concept of divinity,
or can I find a better, surer, way,
something that rings true?