The people call for Justice
for the rewards due after a good life
for recompense of the hardships of poverty
for restitution after a life of sickness, disabled

The whole concept of rewards in past-life existence
arose from the realisation that being good,
or obeying the laws of land and temple,
produced no benefits in this life.

Sin has no visible consequences nor goodness a reward.

The church, from its own self-interest, promotes vengeful justice
Those who lead a good life will receive a reward in the next
Our God of wrath exacts his revenge for our sins
and gives rewards for our faithfulness
Pay and Pray or Burn!

This is not the God that Jesus spoke of
nor the caring God that the Bible proclaims
This not the Good Shepherd but the medieval Baron
Not gathering his lambs but hanging his offenders
Not welcoming the Prodigal Son back
but throwing him into jail

Divine justice is that of equal loving distribution
The hungry are all to be fed, the sick healed
and we, the people of God,are his agents
if we do not, God will not,
maybe can not
for we are his hands and feet

The coming of the Kingdom is signalled by distributive justice
by equality of resources, opportunity and love,
not by gifts of power, healing or prophecy,
but mankind has a long way to go
to get there, it seems.

The Fruit of the Spirit
are so much more difficult
than the Gifts