Personal experience and the myths of every tribe and nation argue that
there is a spiritual, a divine, dimension which interfaces to mankind.
That spirituality may be good or evil or something in between,
but it includes an ideal spirituality that we may call God.
We may then need to form an image for the Godhead,
and so misunderstand the truth of such divinity.

For God is Spirit
It has no corporal identity, no material existence, no form.
It dwells in and around us but in no material way.
There must have been a time when it was not;
for, when we were not, it had no reality;
no means of self-expression.

We may say that God is Love
that God is the purest form of inter-personal relationship;
or perhaps the drive that leads us in that direction,
for God is not a physical being.

We may still realise that God is Real
It can affect our lives, change us, as can other spirits.
There is something there, even if we have little idea what it is.
It is an entity, intangible, but interactive, which can guide us to the better way.

The Christian Bible and the other major faiths:
see God as the Creator, trying to provide reason for our origin;
see God as wreathed in power and glory, trying to imitate earthly rule;
personify their view of the Godhead as some form of superior material being.
This is what the godly of nearly all faiths agree on, before dogma intervenes.

But there is no reality in such human concepts.
God is real but without personal attributes or form.
God is what drives our tendency to do right for others,
despite consideration of our personal welfare.
It is the impulse that we are driven by,
when we face our own Golgotha.