The Global Future The Global Future

Are we looking at armageddon,
or maybe a modern version of the Flood,
when all usable land vanishes under the water
as sea-levels rise and deserts spread
and reservoirs dry up in the heat?

Are we looking at the end of civilisation,
as nations and peoples fight each other for survival?
As we become more crowded and food production suffers?
As starvation faces millions across the world
and only their death conquers the problems
that the world fails to face up to?
will we generate our own demise
through nuclear or biological warfare?
Mutual destruction to ensure that
the enemy does not overcome!
will the change in our environment
merely eradicate us through some other means?
is there an unlikely route to survival
for our descendants?

Wherein lies salvation? Wherein lies salvation?

There is no present vision for salvation,
nor political will to address our problems.
No urgency, even in the churches!

Unless this changes, surely earth is doomed
and thus any idea of heaven with it.
The protestations of religion
are vain, lacking reality;

needing to change
as Jesus said.

The function of religion The function of religion

We may wonder about the function of religions
in the context of global disaster, generated by
over-consumption and over-population
the polution of our seas, destruction of the land
and filling of the sky with harmful gases.

Yet, in the context of eternal existence,
as postulated for every form of God or Goddess
there must lie concern for the continuation
of what that God is deemed to have made.

Religions today ignore the prophets of science;
and focus on individual personal salvation,
ignore creation's plight for a self-centred doctrine.
Ignore the teaching of Jesus on love for others,
the love needed to surmount the problems of today;
to overcome the travails of Creation.

A Common Purpose A Common Purpose

Any future for mankind lies
in the realisation of commonality,
between races and nations and religions,
all working together for the common good,
in love and equality and justice;
as Jesus, and others,
taught us.

A Common Foe A Common Foe

The only real enemies for humanity
are global poverty, inequality,
injustice, and stupidity.

Other problems are but shadows of reality
But how can we conquer such an enemy?
Is there an escape route?