The path of Jesus is one of experiential faith,
based on personal experience of transcendent divinity,
not on some convincing argument, written account,
or selfish desire for eternal salvation.

This is a denial of the capitalist values of society,
of self-sufficiency, and individualism.
It is a call for mutual sharing,, distributive justice
and sacrificial care for others.

Jesus gave up his freedom
completely to the will of God,
and in doing so opened himself up
to the fullness of the indwelling Spirit -
something we only experience as a shadow,
perhaps because we do not follow his example.

Such sublimation is the supreme risk
built on uncertainty, on faith and on trust,
and the supreme sacrifice of a life for others,
that the Kingdom of God might be reflected in our lives
and impact the lives of those around us.

This is a call to action on behalf of those without resources;
the disabled, disheartened; those trapped in poverty or slavery,
those dominated by others.

This is a call to address their non-material needs,
to address the pain of those who can not forgive themselves,
or whose lives have lost all meaning.

This is a call to free ourselves,from whatever limits us;
to acknowledge the barriers and allow ourselves to go through;
to recognise the barriers of others and help to break them down;
maybe freeing ourselves to be what we could be.