Much of Christian doctrine is promoted as a mystery.
It can be insisted on by the Christian leadership and
become the criteria by which membership is defined,
rather than by the teaching attributed to Jesus.

For these are ideas developed by ancient clerics,
to control and to console their communities,
giving them hope that justice will prevail,
even if not here and now.

For these are ideas maintained by church and state;
means of affirming the law and constitution;
dominating through a holy fear
of what may follow life.

Yet they often have little practical application
and fail to make any realistic impression
on the material world.

Such ideas are tainted by human agenda;
can not be the final answer; deny a God of love.

So we may come to wonder whether:

*     Evolution debars the Creation story?..*
*     Evolution debars a divine Creator..*
*     sin has eternal consequences?..*
*     there is reality in Satanic evil?..*
*     there is any certainty of eternity?*
*     religions reflect divine concepts?.*
*     divinity has any material reality?.*
*     the Bible is just a human product?*
*     there is truth in the doctrine of atonement?*
and wonder whether there is any veracity
in the Christmas stories of the birth of Jesus,or
the stories of his life and death and resurrection, or
the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit or
a trinitarian format to divinity.