The evangelical view of God
embodied in the Alpha Course
presents a simplistic view of religious doctrine
and can re-enegrgise a failing faith.

For, as God the Father, creator and judge
may sit, majestic, in a distant heaven,
the Holy Spirit is alive amongst us
inspiring, healing, teaching;
the Comforter.

Somehow that makes sense

When we accept Jesus as Lord.
We become filled with that Holy Spirit
become more and more like Jesus.
Maybe that too makes a form of sense

The doctrine then tells us that
Jesus was God in human form
implanted by God in his virgin mother
so that he could live a life untainted by sin
initiate the church that bears his name
and die, in atoning agony for sin.

Somehow that sense has gone astray

It does not make sense!
It may be what Christians have agreed upon,
yet it seems an uncertain foundation
on which to build personal eternity.

For these are ideas derived from ancient clerics;
incorporate their interpretation of scripture's texts;
ways to bridge the gap between old and new
between Jew and Gentile, Greek and Persian.
Ways to centralise power.

This, "they" cry, is what Christians must affirm,
to obtain forgiveness from their unspecified sins;
what they must agree to, or face eternal torment
and earthly excommunication, communal exclusion.

The blood-stained history of Christianity,
as that of other bounded religions,
denies such human constructs.
Such ideas are tainted, corrupt;
not the final answer.

It does not make sense
There must be a truer way.