The prime purpose of God lies in the coming of The Kingdom here.
We, and all that we do, have value only in that promotion.
Our purpose is to grow that Kingdom where we are.
Beyond that we are nothing;

We are told of a God that is "Love ",
whose purposes flow from the love
causing us to love each other,
suffering for us
to bring us back to Him
so saving us for eternal glory.

Yet God is not "loving " but "Love " itself.
In accepting such a God, it is we who take on a loving mantle
and respond in ways that bring about God's purposes;
bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are;
bring about the place where Love is king.

Salvation is not for any individual,
nor does it lie in the hands of divinity,
but lies in the growth of God's Kingdom,
for us and by us and through us
on behalf of others.

It is the growth of that Kingdom amongst us
that embraces the hope for the world.
Only there may we overcome
the potential of the hell
of global overheating
and starvation.

This was the true message of Jesus.
This was the Gospel of Christ
before its corruption by
the power-mongers
of religion.