Global Warming

Resource Inequality

Over Population
Global Disease
Moral Leadership
Where to go from Here?

Are we doomed or might there be
a divinely inspired solution?
Can religious doctrine metamorphise
into true morality and so provide
a viable exit strategy from global despair?

Can we abandon the dogma of
"there is no other god than mine"
for a form of divinity with global appeal;
teaching to bring healing to the nations?

We need someone, or something,
to open the eyes of the blind.
Sadly vested interest has always
destroyed such visionaries
and the salvation that they offer
has been diverted;
camouflaged to protect self-interest;
the cult of the individual.

Perhaps, through some further pandemic,
we may learn to cooperate
and to love each other,
but our terminal demise
seems much more likely.

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