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God is often misconceived in our imaginings
as a superior person, a King, a Lord.
Someone to whom we can appeal,
who has feelings like us,
who is personal.

Creeds give a form to God,
which bear little relationship to reality.
Religious doctrine thus camouflages the reality of God.
These failures of religion bring us to question
the true need or purpose for any God,
yet being able to frame that question
exposes our misunderstanding.

In our puerile conception, God is given form;
whilst, in truth, our God is whatever drives our endeavours;
is the target for which we aim, our purpose - personalised.
God is thus special and individual for each living person.
Jesus showed us the form of his personal God and
called us to follow him- to adopt the same aims.

Despite religious attempts to standardise divinity,
we all travel on slightly different routes for,
even if we have nearly similar aims,
we have different beginnings.

Such misunderstandings lead to conflict
giving value to perceived divine differences;
and lead to hardening of position
over deepening, harmful, error.