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All religions struggle to formulate a concept of divinity
yet that concept remains ultimately inexpressible,
and the meaning of divinity becomes a symbol,
or a fantasy embracing much invention.

A Trinitarian formula was devised for the Christian God
to provide a vehicle for the divinity of Christ,
along with the Spirit and God the Father,
and so create a difference to Judaism.

The Trinity was a human construction which arose during the second century
As with other ancient material, we struggle for truth in a mire of misconception.
In the time of Jesus, it was commonplace for famous people to be, or become gods.
The emperor himself headed up a divine hierarchy, supported by a heavenly pantheon.

In such an environment, it would seem essential for the leading figure of any religion to be divine.
How could Christ counter Apollo, or even Hermes, if he did not share the divine attributes?
And, if Christ was to be divine, how could the Father be so too?
So the Trinity was conceived as the unstable solution
to the needs of practical religious politics,
rather than any theological reality.

Sadly it has become an essential doctrine
of the dominant branch of Christianity.