All religions struggle to formulate a concept of divinity
yet that concept remains ultimately inexpressible,
and the meaning of divinity becomes a symbol,
the wisdom of Ganesh
or the peace of Buddha
or the judgemental Jehovah.
or the sacrificial Jesus

Yet each of us struggles to envision the God within us,
what is it that really guides our lives, our own gods,
for our God is truly what directs our actions,
or lies in the purpose for which we aim.

God has no intrinsic form for God is a proposition,
a composite question about how we should be, and why,
if we are to live out the full potential of our lives.

That God lives within as our soul, or guide to living.
The object of religion is to shape that guide,
to the model shaped by their founder;
for Christians, the Way of Jesus

Religious concoctions of divinity are but analogies,
embraced within the legends and teaching of antiquity
that point to the best option for our personal consideration,
when sculpted to our current situation.

Each religious attitude insists on the completeness of its viewpoint
denying the place of other religions in other situations
denying even variants within its own organisation.

But there are many ways to true goodness, eternally existing.
We, in our ignorance, deny reality to many explanations,
but fail to realise the barriers to our sight.