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We are but dust on the carpet of time;
essentially meaningless,
with no purpose,
or future.

Before each of us lies the canyon of non-being;
the abyss that we must all face at the end;
the place of non-existence
that we face with horror,
for we shall no longer

It is into this terror that God emerges
as our saviour from worthlessness
to give point to our lives;
to provide something
to which we can

For, if God is there eternally,
then mankind may also have eternal value.
We may play out our lives on a larger stage;
We may have meaning to our existence;
may even, as a further conjecture,
find worth beyond the grave.

Thus God rescues us from the terror of non-being
generated by our realisation of personal existence,
and the unknown that lies after our death.
We need a God to console our fears,
but does this give reality to
that divinity?