An entity, that existed before existence began,
is beyond the comprehension of our minds;
exists, with infinite space or time,
in what we can not understand.

We do not know, can not conceive, divine reality.
We merely formulate ideas and fight over their veracity.
For God does not, can not, exist as a material being;
Is not subject to our limitations, or forms.

In our struggles to comprehend divinity
we introduce parable and analogy
substituting idolatry for reality,
placing things and people
in the place of God.

So, cross bedecked and priestly blessed,
Our charms and incantations mirror ancient ritual.
Little has really changed since that Calf ruled at Sinai,
The Golden Calf before which they danced in praise.
Little has changed even though Jesus came
To challenge such concepts in his day.

God has no sex nor form nor personality;
is alien to our human understanding,
despite priestly proclamation
of what we hope is true.

Yet Godliness is real, affects our lives
and our view of God conditions our behaviour.
The God that Jesus postulated brings hope
of a new world driven by love
and love alone.

Jesus said that God is Spirit,
an idea, a force for good, a hope.
We can accept that feeling if we dare;
allow it to direct our thoughts and deeds.
We can follow God, or turn away,
crying "Not my King"