A Conservative Evangelical View
A Conservative Evangelical View(close)

God has forgiven you if you have repented and trusted in Christ
because it was for our sake he was made sin who knew no sin,
so that in him we might become the righteousness of God
(2 Cor 5:21)

If you have believed on Him (Jn 3:16-17) then you have eternal life, now,
but if you reject this only way to heaven (Acts 4:12)
then the wrath of God is still on you (Jn 3:36b),
you stand condemned (Jn3:18)
God will pour out His wrath upon you
on the day you are judged
(Rev 20:11-15)

For surely all Men are Lost, but
God has forgiven you if you have repented and trusted in Christ.
This twisted doctrine abandons the words of Christ
for a doctrine controllable by authority.

Medieval Manipulation
Medieval Manipulation(close)

We are all sinners,
affected by original sin,
bound for eternal torment;
but that sin can be forgiven
by God's appointed anointed.

If you confess and repent,
attend the church's Mass,
take the sacraments,
you can avoid the depths of hell
end up in heaven instead.

Masses can be said for you
ensuring your salvation
in your absence,
even after death,
but that costs money.

It all costs money,
which you need to pay so that
the mediating church may prosper
and your eternal salvation by assured.
Support the mediating church to ensure your forgiveness.
By adding financial support into the package
the church strayed further from Christ.

A Logical Approach
A Logical Approach(close)

God is good - We are not
God is separated from us by our sinfulness.
God can not touch us. It would sully Him.

We need an intermediary;
a High Priest, a Sacrifice
Someone between God and us
Christ became that intermediary
stands for us in heaven's court
died to cleanse us from our sin

But Christ is also God, the divine son of divinity
sacrificing himself to himself, to save others from His judgement,
the penalty He would impose were it not for his sacrifice

But is there really any logic here?
Sacrifice of self to self
to avoid a self imposed penalty.

God of Love?
God of Love?(close)

How have we come to imagine that the God who is Love
needs an excuse to forgive?

Jesus did not die to save us from the just penalties of sin.
He came to save us from slavery to ancient superstition
and the religious domination that we have reimposed.

Dominant religion was reimposed by the church
through a selective reinterpretation of his teaching.
His death, rather than his life, became the focus.
It all went back to where it was really,
before Jesus interfered,

An imagined divine commercial transaction
replaced the message of subversive love.

What then is forgiveness?
What then is forgiveness?(close)

Surely there is no forgiveness without love
and no love without forgiveness.

Can we only offer forgiveness,if the offer is accepted
and remedial action taken
is forgiveness unilateral,
acceptance of others as they are, warts and all ?

Forgiveness can stem from the self-righteous
a gift from sinner to forgiven, leaving obligation
as does a gift from rich to poor, master to slave.

Forgiveness can be a tool of the powerful,
manipulating and controlling the forgivable;
those whose sins, guilt, can be exploited

Love lies not in such forgiving
but in acceptance of another as they are,
valuing them as they are. Unchanged.

This is the loving option;
the way of divine love that Jesus offered;
freely accepting and loving all people,
valuing them as they are.

We are called to love our neighbour,
accept them as they are; value them as they are.
We are called to love as God loves,
without strings.