The ethos of magical transformation
within such stories as casting demons into pigs,
is repeated today by charismatic healers,
that deny the deadliness of the Corona Virus
and preach that they have defeated it
through the power of prayer -
so assisting its spread.

Such stories are rife in the Bible,
endorsing childish concepts
of wizards and witches
spells and magic.

They represent the attraction of a childish faith,
drawn to the maternal figure who rights all wrongs,
or to the paternal who is all-powerful, conquers all.
Such a faith does not question its basis,
nor look its dubious reality in the eye,
but accepts what it is told
and follows obediently,
even blindly,

As such, it can not be challenged
for it can only repeat the "truths" of what it believes.
It can not discuss beyond those truths, for they are foundational.
It dare not seek a reality that lies beyond its boundaries
nor stray beyond the lines that have been drawn.
Yet that is where life really lies
in practical terms.

So we are faced with a decision over whether to challenge, or
to accept the mistaken conceptions of the vocal majority.
Should we point out where things do not add up, or
abandon them to their greater comfort,
not upset the apple-cart?