The arrogance of religious certainty is terrifyingly widespread.
"We are right. You are wrong. We know best. Own truth."
"We are saved. You are damned. We are best."
"We are right. Do as we say or suffer."

The religious right dominates with strident voice
the thoughtful considerations of owned faith,
drowning truth with dogmatic assertion,
drowning reality with doctrine.

They know that the Bible is inerrant and holy.
There is no chance or hope of argument or dissent,
no pointing out places where concepts do not ring true,
where one point conflicts with another or new ideas appear.

They know that God came down in human form,
unable to realise that God was there already and still is.
They are certain of the existence of heaven and of hell
and of our eternal and physical existence
in one or other.

Even those of the church with less fixed opinions
dare not oppose their personal views to such certainty.
The church is stuck with its ancient creeds,
and the theories of past generations
stifle present thought.

For the church is unable to see beyond the boundaries
that it has set to where its people dare to roam
and see any straying beyond those boundaries,
or those sat behind other castle walls,
as enemies to be conquered
in the name of "our" God.

Surely there is a better way,
a way that rings true.