Choosing the
right ladder

The Uncertain Ladder
of True faith


The Firm Ladder
of correct Doctrine
leading ... where?

For much of human history, doubt was considered a personal vice or illness.
Despite that there has always been a history of those who looked ahead, dubiously.
The explosion of reasoned thought known as "The Enlightenment" brought fresh ideas.
It was the advent of a critical mindset, which continues to this day,
but still meets strong resistance in some religious circles.

Despite such a call for a reasoned approach to life and faith
The stories in the Bible, and many tales that Christians tell,
enhance the simple facts with a spiritual gloss.
Perhaps this is to promote religious teaching
of a God who intervenes in human affairs
who love us and cares for us; died for us.
whom we should worship in his church.

The church offers comfort and care through a "Ministry of Healing".
Sadly, though eagerly supported by its proponents,
this seldom manages to achieve its stated aims;
for there is little veracity in magical reality
yet it does continue to give hope
to those in need.

The church continues to be beset by strife over its doctrine;
between the consequences of the power-politics of its leaders
and the message that was promoted by its founder;
between its mission to survive in this world
and the mission of Jesus.

The revolution which Jesus initiated has yet to take hold
but the basic principles that he propounded
are apparent, and spreading, in the world
despite the resistance of religion.

This is the time, and the opportunity,
for leadership to a new religious reality.
It is an open door which the church
can walk through
or die.