The Ministry of Jesus was to heal the sickness of society;
A society bound by the domination of Temple and Empire;
A society destroyed by Rome's violent reaction to rebellion;
A society fragmented into subservient rich and desperate poor;
A society divided into haves and have-nots,
ripe for a another disastrous rebellion.

He preached of an alternative society, where love reigned;
where togetherness replaced diversity
and sharing overcame poverty.
He preached of the triumph of hope
over despair and violence and powerful elites.
He preached of the coming of a new world, God's world.

It was a radical message, challenging the concepts of the day,
both the religious search for righteousness and
the violent response of the war-lords,
to the inequities of their world.

The Gospel writers reported that Mission in coded terms
hiding changes of allegiance to Jesus as healing;
reporting the conversion of heart and mind.
These were tales passed around the faithful
and understood as the progress of their movement;
the gatherings and teaching and ways of that new world,
where God was king and the empire of Rome no longer ruled.

The Gospels were written in times of violent rebellion.
Their content reflects the concerns of the authors
for secrecy within the embryo organisation
as well as the spreading of the good news.
We misunderstand their message
as needed and directed by
local clerical doctrine.