Lessons of the Virus

The ethos of magical transformation is presented today
by preachers who deny the deadliness of the Corona Virus
and preach that they have defeated it
through the power of their prayers.

The excesses of Kenneth Copeland exemplify the stupid nature of it all
as he demands the demise of the Virus "In the powerful name of Jesus".
Such excesses undermine the standing of Christianity and of Christ.
in the eyes of all who have a firmer hold on reality.

"If you really believe, You won't catch it."
cries the dominating pastor to his captive flock,
thereby undermining the teaching of science,
medicine and good sense, to boost his ego.

The same principles affect many other branches
of Christianity throughout the world,
assisting the spread of the Virus.

In some the very ritual of togetherness, sharing the cup,
healing hands, or communal kissing an object of worship,
seems designed to spread disease between participants.
Perhaps the message is that ritual liturgical behaviour
can be contrary to the welfare of God's people.

Even so, one would have wished
that the medieval belief in witches, wizards
and other forms of magical interaction with reality
had not been endorsed by the preaching
of charismatic Christian pastors
in this enlightened age.