The Message of Jesus

Jesus preached of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven,
and pointed out that it could be here and now,
a part of our everyday experience of life.

He described that kingdom in his teaching
which Matthew's Gospel consolidates as
the Sermon on the Mount.

It was a radical message, challenging the dogma of the day,
the pharisaic search for righteousness and
the authority of the priesthood.

It was a message that was widely welcomed by the peasantry
but firmly rejected by authority as revolutionary
and a product of the unwashed underclass.

It was a message which led
to Crucifixion.

The Message of Jesus sought to present that other way
to convince others that love could undermine power;
that the sword was not the only way to conquer.
It was a message that took another 200 years
to become part of the web of society.

Sadly it was then lost as power-driven clerics
promoted their own brand of Christianity
through the medium of violent warfare.

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