In every religious circle and throughout the Bible
there is a tendency to spiritualise the record;
to add a divine dimension to a simple story
with the intention of "building our faith.",
though often with the opposite result
if we take time to think it through.

The tendency is rife in today's evangelical churches,
where the simplest of successes can result
in cries of "Praise the Lord "
"Thank you Lord "

The tendency is rife in telling the story of Jesus
where the very intention is to convince of his divinity.
Unfortunately it puts a confusing gauze over truth,
with a magical patena on top of the actual facts
making it difficult to differentiate
credible fact from fiction.

In an educated and thinking society,
this tendency to enhance honest reporting
merely leads to distrust of the whole package.
We are left in the churches with a mix of
the professionally committed,
the unthinking or credulous,
and the socially needy.

The bulk of society turns to a more honest path
and the churches become increasingly empty.