A faith centred on eternal reward
makes a mockery of Christ.

Our individual desire for meaning and value
conflicts with God's call to serve others sacrificially,
for, if we are the sole centre of our world,
then others do not really matter.

Jesus said that he came to serve not to be served
putting himself second,
rather than focussed on himself,
his glory, his achievements, his importance.

Paul wrote that “Jesus made himself nothing”,
then added that God therefore exalted him
so missing the whole point of selfless service.

Born,as we are, with the motive for success,
for survival and procreation of our species,
selflessness is not a human attribute
but a feature of divine inspiration.

The life and eventual crucifixion of Jesus
shows that such self-abrogation is feasible.
We can surrender our lives to service.
Many have done so.
From many faiths
and causes.

But many do not see this
as the Christian way.