The butterfly starts as a hard-covered egg
closed off to and uninterested in
the spiritual realm.

Growing into a caterpillar
taking an interest in the world around it
but seeing it all in flat-earth terms;
its authorities, rules and legalisms.

Changing into a chrysallis
fixed boundaries, beliefs and concepts;
certain of where it is and what is right
yet unable to see beyond its shell
blind to the world around it.

Bursting painfully out to lie
vulnerable, aching and unprotected
as the sun dries out the delicate membranes
seeking reality yet unable to fly into new life.

Taking flight into glory
at first with massive effort and pain
then freed of all constraint
soaring free.

Yet, so often, we find butterflies trapped
battering themselves fruitlessly against a window
unable to make progress against fixed barriers,
the doctrine and dogma of orthodox spirituality.

There are many different ways, or models,
of describing the spiritual journey.
Perhaps Fowler's human model
is the clearest analogy and is most widely accepted.