How do we ratify the reality of God in what we do ?
Passively we sit quietly in our constraining pews
awaiting direction, leadership, permission;
unable to partake as individuals
corporately conforming.

We sing in tunes crafted with inflammatory purpose
lift our hearts in praise and unthinking worship
enthusiastically proclaiming crude ideas
affirming our blind conformity
to current orthodoxy

We read a selected extract from holy scripture
and listen to a talk related vaguely to the text
unable to comment, question or respond.

We state our belief in words culled from ancient texts
in concepts few understand or have thought through,
repeating sheeplike, by rote, what we are told.

We may be called to admit to our failings, our unnamed sins,
for which, if we confess, priestly absolution may be given.
Thus we are assured of our worthiness to join the saints
in heavenly bliss for all eternity.

We join in prayer to God for neighbours and our world
pleading, bringing to God's notice, our needs;
demanding God's obedience to our whim.

We troop obediently forward to receive bread and wine
concealing, representing, the flesh and blood of Jesus
hiding the message of Christ safely in sacrament.

We meet cheerfully, released, over coffee
the dues of club membership paid
duty done for another week.

Such practices are designed to control rather than to inspire.
Their purpose can be seen as domination
of the captive congregation
and protection of
the institution.