"The Church is a whore...but she is still my mother" St Augustine of Hippo.

In place of squabbles, intrigue and anger
there must be a place for a relationship with all that is true, honest and good.
There must be a way of love and inclusion and trust, living lovingly without fear,
without risk of being conquered, dominated, overwhelmed.
A place where slavery is truly ended.

The ethos of victory and triumph confounds Christ.
The empire of Christendom becomes a denial of his message.
Denies love of neighbour in bloody conquest,
domination, or suppression of the spirit.
We are right, you are wrong,
do it this way.

We reject the self-denying decisions of the desert
reject the very message of the Cross in the glorification of self,
in claiming a personal God, or personal relationship with deity.
My God, my rights, my comfort, my eternal life.

Something is out of kilter, twisted, bent.
A rethink is overdue, a fresh vision of truth.
In respectability and gang culture, in self-interest and pride,
we have lost the message of Christ.