When it comes to teamwork, cooperation is the name of the game.
It is in loving our neighbour that society flourishes,
for teamwork is the fount of success in any field
and mutual respect the foundation for a team.

The future of mankind lies in growth of the mutually supporting team
sharing resources, rather than competing over them
realising our interdependency in mutual care,
each loving our neighbour as ourselves.

It is that interdependence and mutual love
which is the heart of the Christian message.
We can sign up to it or accept the inevitable destruction of our planet.
We can compete, destructively, over vanishing resources,
or we can join together to assist and ensure survival.
It is our choice, individually and as a race.
We can love or fight each other;
Become loving or extinct.

Personally I prefer to think that I will have descendants;
that the oak tree I planted will have time to grow;
that the purposes of God will be realised,
and I think it is worth doing what I can
to make it come about.

Which means:
Loving my neighbour
Turning the other cheek
Not responding to hate with hate
responding to all the things that Jesus taught.

That probably means finding out more about Jesus and his God
which probably means joining some kind of Christian church
to learn more and join a group of other followers,
and in doing so we become part of the team
that is working towards God's purposes.