What can be done to breathe new life
into the moribund body of the church?

How to meet the needs of those brought here
for knowledge, comfort, help, or company?
How to promote the purposes of God
for those who gather?

Reimagine the purpose
We may come to realise that,
God does not need our praises,though we may need to praise,
God does not need our prayers, though we may need to pray.
Realise that God can speak to us outside the church,
so does not need our castellated buildings.

Reimagine the liturgy
In place of set words, said solemnly,
put forward headings for thought and discussion;
encourage participation through lively debate;
lead from a servant situation;
initiate and let it flow.

Reimagine the teaching
Not a lengthy diatribe to a captured audience
centred on some bible text set for that day,
but a lively discussion on God's view
of something of current concern
centred on a bible text.

Reimagine the music and singing
Let it be a background to what we do,
there, but often unnoticed, setting the scene,
not something with which we must partake,
are called to join in with, obediently,
stating that to which we disagree.

Reimagine the focus
Not on the God we have not seen,
but on our neighbour, who we have;
Not on concepts we hardly understand,
but on those we know all too well;
on pain, loneliness, insecurity,
the needs of those around us
and what we can do
about them.