Our individual craving for self-worth, importance, power,
undermines the fragile call of goodness in our hearts;
frustrates the working of God's Spirit,
the call of selfless love.

For I am right. I matter,
over and above you
because you are not me.

The cult of the individual forms the foundation of evil
of dog-eat-dog, pride, prejudice and domination;
creates the conditions for war and vice;
denigrates others because they
are not us.

Yet our society and religion are based on self-promotion
structured to set one group or person against another.
We struggle to be better, earn more, to conquer;
for victory over others of the human race;
despising, fearing, diminishing
our brothers and sisters

Even Christianity is focused on individual salvation;
centred on God's love for the Christian community;
or the growth of one church over another
on competition between denominations.

Jesus, amongst others, showed the way of selfless love
Yet his story has generated the empire of the church
Christ buried in the empty tomb of Christianity;
his example hidden under the altar
safely sacramental.

Blessed, said Jesus, are the meek.


Surely, it is not all about my fate in the end,
but about what I can do for others,
even those unborn.

So where should I go,
what may I believe,
what should I do?

I have no belief in a transcendent or interventional divinity,
I have no belief in post-mortal existence or judgement,
but I do believe in a divine ideal, a purpose,
something which cares in the long run,
but is beyond my comprehension
or my spiritual pay-scale.

I came from nothing in this life and brought nothing to it.
I go to nothing and can take nothing away from it,
but maybe I can affect life somehow.
Whilst I am here and active,
maybe I, in my poverty,
can enrich another.

Maybe what I can do will affect what others do
and so bend the course of history
to a better solution.

Maybe what I write or say may flow down
and inspire another to do what
I should have done,
but failed.