In renewing its role and its purpose
the church could become a sacred place
set aside for healing of body and mind;
for sharing and caring of its community.

Its purpose becomes the promotion of justice
of equality of opportunity and resources;
of building up the underpriviledged
and enabling others to share
what they can spare.

In coming together, our "services" would
seek to identify the needs of others
and how we can be of service.
Music would create a peaceful background.
"Intercessions" identify where help is needed.
In the readings and the sermon we would be challenged to act.
"Eucharist" would become a commitment to follow the way of Christ.
By partaking of the blood of sacrifice we accept his life and standards.

Then, in the silence of consideration,
we might feel God move and act among us
calming the contentious
challenging the feckless
opening every eye to new possibilities
and the opportunities to serve His purposes.

Maybe we would need to rename our church:
To differentiate 'Christian' from 'Christ-like'