Do the ways of the church still represent a genuine alternative
to the ways of the dominant culture of our day,
or has it become an agent of that culture,
indistinguishable from society;
just not as "cool"?

Do the ways of church represent a viable alternative
to self-promoting, gang-culture of society today,
or do the requirements for creedal conformity
bar those with less certain beliefs?

Do the ways of church represent an actual welcome
or has church become so separate, so holy,
that outsiders feel rejected,
even threatened?

We are called to value God and love of our neighbour
over and above our need to feel safe and in control.
We are called to be vulnerable, to one another
and to the world around us.

The key question is, whether we can worship together in peace
for it is disunity that repels those beyond our doors.
Surely our goal is not uniformity of thought,
but co-participation in worship.

This is not a struggle between right and wrong,
but for oneness, togetherness, mutual love and unity.
The heart of the church does not rest on our opinion
of the contraversial issues of theology.

The church rests on our ability to love each other,
as, together, we follow Christ,
even though that may be
in a variety of ways.