The problems that face humanity seem overwhelming,
likely to swamp any overcrowded life-boat
that we may be capable of launching.

They lie so far beyond the scope
of present politicians
that they don't even
address them,

Forget COP26! It carries no votes.
The poor? They will always be with us.
Over-population can be self-regulating.
Pandemics mustn't destroy the economy.
Warfare, elsewhere, is good for business.
Morality? Truth? - Get real!!

Yet there is a viable escape route,
maybe not for you, or me,
but for our descendants,
for humanity.

It lies in the pathways
that Jesus called the Kingdom of God,
A place where we care for each other,
above and beyond our personal gain.
It lies in putting self second,
even unto death.

This is the path of true religion,
whether it be Christian or another,
It is the path that we must all take
if we are to avoid imminent racial suicide.