The Lure of God's Whisper The Lure of God's Whisper.

Goodness has no material or comprehensible form but has the nature of Love.
God's purpose is for Creation to become something loving and lovable.
God lures Creation towards that purpose with intimate whispering.
Humanity has emerged as the latest step on that journey.
Creation is free to accept or reject God's guidance.

We are Free We are Free.

As we are free to make decisions, there is always an alternative.
The suffering of Creation is a bye-product of wrong decisions.
The Bible exposes our alternatives as "The Temptations",
describing vividly the options available to man.

Freedom in creation denies the reality of divine fore-knowledge
the future is completely indeterminate until it arrives,
until all relevant decisions have been made.
We may predict but never fully know
what is over the horizon of time.

The Teaching of Jesus The Teaching of Jesus.

The life and teaching of Jesus exposed new divine possibilities.
Jesus showed what life could, and should, be like
in the next stage of Creation's emergence.
We have misconstrued and lost
his example and message;
turned from following
to worship.

The Message of Scripture The Message of Scripture

The Bible is a form of national history from a religious perspective.
It is a mix of myth, poetry, opinion, parable and factuality.
It is compiled with an agenda to fit ancient theology
and the religious agenda of the ancient church.
It can be a tool to enunciate God's voice,
but is more often misused by man.

The Church The Church.

The church is a human organisation focussed on its survival,
finances, hierarchies, exclusiveness and self-worth.
Its theology is tailored to fit those purposes.
It needs a massive, and basic, renewal
before it can become fit for purpose
and reflect the reality of God;
yet it is all we have
to take us onward.

We need courage to rethink what is called truth. We need to rethink what is called truth.

The message of Jesus, the life and death of Jesus
had little to do with any after-death fate or experience
For he was firmly focussed on life as lived on earth, today

Jesus showed how we should, could, relate to God as Father
Not presenting himself as an intermediary, but as an example
Showing us how we should do it, behave, listen, obey
Yet much written of him is pure invention
the product of the author's agenda or
of the copyist's invention.

Through a focus on ancient scripture, that we still call "New"
we camouflage the history of the power-driven church
hide massacre, execution, Inquisition and Crusade;
deny the divisions that religion instigates
in the name of the integrating God of love;

God's peace destroyed in our advancements;
God's purposes prevented by our piety.

We are not called to worship, but to act
To expose, in following Jesus, the purposes of God
So bringing close that day when Love will be the norm
replacing the individualism that keeps us apart
that drives pride, hierarchies, envy and war
that drives the concept of eternal life
and the striving for its reward.

For Jesus said "Follow Me'