What is the Focus of your Faith?

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Alert Servants
The Friend at Midnight
The Landowner
Rich Fool
The Unjust Steward
The Vine and Branches
The Wise Builder

Is my standing or my service the focus of my faith?
Am I here to serve or to be served?
What is the purpose of my life?
What is most important to me?

Is my faith focused on God alone
or on some intermediary
an icon, human, book?

Is my faith constant, unchanging,
or am I still seeking, searching for truth?
Am I assured that what I believe is true
or am willing to accept new ideas?

Is my faith focussed on my salvation,
as much theology would have it?
Do I look to another's need
or to my eternal future?

Have I thought through what I believe
or merely accepted what I have been told
absorbed and adopted the fairy-tales of others
or found my own foundations for spiritual reality?