The Landowner or Parable of the Tenants

The flaw in this parable is fairly apparent, for, unless the legal system was out of commission,
unless might had replaced right and occupation become the sole criteria for "Right of Tenure",
the ownership of the vineyard would not transfer to the tenant farmers .
Maybe this is also implied by the casual execution of the tenants.
Perhaps we need to look at the context with more care.

The story is framed as a story told by Jesus to make a simple attack on the present priesthood.
Yet we might see the story as emerging from a different stable or preaching venue;
a story crafted to explain, or understand, the death of Jesus framed after the Crucifixion
as the Disciples tried to justify the execution of Jesus and build up their morale again.

Jesus was another in the line of prophets that the clerical establishment had ignored
people like John the Baptist, and probably others that we have never heard of.
Yet, they cried, Jesus was special. He was God's very son, only son
Now they've killed him too. But God won't take that sitting down.
Jesus will be revenged. Surely he will !

They've already forgotten his teaching about turning the other cheek.
They've forgotten those words reported from the Cross, "Father forgive them".
No ! There has been a great wrong and God will act to destroy the perpetrators.

So let's revenge the deaths of our dear ones, compatriots, in the crazy wars of Europe.
Let's burn or bomb the mosques of the religion that persecutes our brother Christians.
Let's imprison, abuse and repatriate the immigrants who have taken our jobs.
Let's stick up for our rights and put the love of God on the shelf.
It was never a practical option anyway.
Was it?

The concept of resurrection hits this like a bombshell in a shopping mall.
The whole situation is changed. God does have it all in hand.
Things may look grim but God will not fail us, even so.
Our role is to remain faithful and open to his voice,
rather than to respond with injustice.
to injustice.

Sadly it is a concept that never really took on!