It is so much easier to go with the flow,
stick with what we are expected to believe,
are told to believe, even forced to believe,
rather than to question, seek, research, think.

Why should what we are expected to believe be logical?
Why should what we are expected to believe make sense?
Surely it is easier to sing those rousing, senseless, songs
to churn out those standardised liturgal words
and not think about what they mean
or whether they are meaningful.

For to challenge the doctrines of orthodox religion
exposes a pit, a maze of unknown complexity,
a quagmire of preconception and bias
defended by self-interested agenda
and intellectual pride.

I can not challenge this monster.
I am no intellectual giant, theologian;
I have no position to adopt, support, grow.
I don't need to face this Goliath with my sling.
I have no armour behind which to hide
and the ideas make my brain ache.

Yet can I honestly
just run away
and hide?