The Wise Builder

This section is much the same in both Gospels though set in somewhat different frames.
The message is clearly that putting the teaching of Jesus into practice is more important
than expressing or holding the correct theories about him.
As he said: Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,'
and don't do the things which I say? Lk 6:46

Yet that is just what we have done.
Our emphasis, in song and teaching, is on his Lordship.
We say " It is by Grace that we are saved; not by works."
Somehow we excuse ourselves from action.

The life of Jesus is a model of what we can become,
if we listen to God's voice (as he did) and obey (as he did).
If we wait until God's purpose becomes clear before we act.
If we act at God's command, not on men's demand.

If we do as Jesus did, we shall see God at work.
We shall dig down deep (as Luke puts it) into the clay of doubt
and build our foundations on the solid rock of Godly experience.
The rains of uncertainty about the bias and agenda of religion,
may undermine dearly held concepts and simple ideas.
But we shall stand firm.

God lures with persistent voices to face up to spiritual reality
and challenge the righteous Pharisees of our day as Jesus did;
This means taking on the might of the establishment.
We may be burnt at the stake - as so many were,
for the "world" will hate us, as it hated Jesus.

You know, I don't think I can do it.
It's too much at my age.
Too old to change.

So I will focus on the forgiveness that is freely offered for my weakness,
but I won't worry if my neighbour's eye is full of specks of dust,
for he is also relying on that forgiveness.

Really my only real problem is with those Pharisees - the self-righteous ones.
Stuck in the mud of rectitude and thinking themselves on the mountain -top.
trying, despite their blindness, to cast the splinter out of my eye( Mt 7:5 )