Nothing is actually known about the birth of Jesus.
Neither Paul nor the earliest Gospel tells of it.
It was, in fact, unremarkable and unremarked,
and what we are told about it
is really pure fiction.

Later, of course, that all changed into a paean of glory.
As holy spiritual spin removed all literal reality,
the birth became wrapped in theological gold
and clothed in divine, angelic, majesty.
It had to be so to challenge others,
the Gods and Godesses of antiquity,
and even the cult of Caesar.

So we end up with the mixed messages
of humble birth and angel trumpets;
dominant majesty and humility,
scouting around the truth
of ignorance.

And from that we grow the Christmas Festival,
alligned to the midwinter pagan celebration,
as Easter alligns with the coming of Spring.

At Christmas we meet new Gods of consumption
which walk abroad to deny a humble birth
and focus on royal gifts,
and shining stars;
humility is too hard and, commercially,
and not very profitable.