There are two main threads of Christianity. There always have been.

Present orthodoxy sees Jesus as a God to worship,
a saviour through whom we may receive forgiveness
and thus an eternal life of unquantifiable bliss.
The other thread sees Jesus as a teacher to follow;
an example to emulate in sharing and loving and giving,
putting self second and living for service to others.

Each, of course, pays some small lip-service to the other,
but they are, in fact, immiscible in any real sense,
for one is self-centred and driven by fear
whilst the other is self-denying
and driven by gratitude.
But, crucially,
one is driven to worship Jesus as God
and the other to follow Jesus as example and teacher.

It is now apparent that the former view leads
to the division, consumerism and individualism
that characterises our world today;
that leads to global warming,
polution and poverty.

Somehow we need to change our ways
and to find again the way of Jesus.

To many, most maybe,
the truth of Jesus's divinity
is foundational to what they believe,
no other thought can they concieve.
It's what their faith is all about
there is no room for any doubt.

Yet many also find it sure
that, whilst he had been good and pure,
he was also just like other men
a gifted teacher true but then
so were others of his race
also filled with love and grace