Heals the Sick in the Evening
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mt 8:16-17, Mk 1:32-34, Lk4:40-41

When the Bible tells a story of miraculous events,
we can be sure that there is an underlying motive;
that the writer is saying something spiritual but indirectly.
You see such things don't actually happen, except in stories.

Here we see a continuation of the events in Peter's house,
written in every case as a consecutive sequence.
Similarly the action is immediately followed by
Jesus departing to escape the needy crowd.
In every case the authors are making
the same points.

"Many possessed with demons were brought for him to exorcise."
There was a lot of hurt and suffering in the area.
Jesus brought a new perspective, healing hurt,
assuaging grief, calming rebellious spirits.
It was by his words that healing came.

As with Peter's mother-in-law,
or the dissenter reported at Lk 4:33-35,
the words or touch of Jesus undermines
harshness and fear and anger;
brings fresh spirituality.

Jesus did travel this way and speak meaningfully to the crowds,
who gained a new understanding of their condition,
were encouraged, revived and helped by his words,
and tried to follow him when he moved on.

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