Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law
BIBLE REFERENCES : Mt 8:14-15, Mk 1:29-31, Lk4:38-39

This story appears in three gospels, so made an impression!
However let's look at the practicalities of the situation.
What does the story really say even if it has got a bit confused?

Peter had, seemingly, invited his friends to a meal.
but arranging it had got the hostess into anxious fever,
about Peter's valued leader coming to her house!
When Jesus actually arrives he takes her hand
and it calms her down.
As it would.

That is all!

But it is amazing how this simple event
has been spiritualised by the story tellers,
using every avenue to bolster their conception
of a miracle working demi-god, after the Mosaic model.

It is amazing and, perhaps, a deliberate warning
to avoid taking the rest of the story literally
but as an exercise in persuasive propaganda.
It is a warning repeated in each Gospel.

For these stories were written, as it says at John 20:31,
"so that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ"
written with a purpose, an agenda,
not as a factual account.

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