Water into Wine

Whilst this is often treated as a miracle,
it is truly a parable told with Jesus in the story.
When the Bible speaks of a vine it is referring to a grapevine.
The only thing in this world that has the ability to turn water into wine,
is indeed a grapevine, and here the imagery points to Jesus as that vine.

A literal grapevine takes water from beneath the ground and,
as the water goes up through the vine, it is transformed.
As it spreads out into the branches they produce the grapes.
When the grapes are cared for and aged properly,
they are used to make wine.

Jesus is not a literal grapevine as he explains to his disciples in John 15:1-5.
But Jesus acts as the true spiritual vine within us, in the same way as a literal vine.
As our spirit (the water) is filtered through our Christ consciousness (the vine),
it flows through the branches (us) and we are able to put forth the true fruit.
In this case that fruit is the grapes, which represents the love we carry
and is sweet to the taste, even as we spread the seeds of new life.

The miracle story is thus an introduction to Jesus
as the fount of the reality of the Spirit that is God.
Just as John imagined him as a light in the previous chapter
here he changes the analogy, to broaden our view of Jesus.

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