The Kingdom of God

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In the Kingdom of God
Self is subject to Service.
Need generates corrective response
There is mutuality of Love and of Care;
with sharing of Respect and of Resources.
The whisper of God's voice is clearly heard
in the absense of self-centred desire.

In the Kingdom of God
The faults of our fathers are repaired.
There is no pursuit of wealth or power.
Self-promotion and position are turned
to a new humility.

In the Kingdom of God
There is peace, for all have what they need.
There is peace, for striving is at an end.
There is peace, for all are equal
and loved.

In the Kingdom of God
There is distributive justice
equality of resources,
of opportunity
and of love.

The coming of the Kingdom of God
Is not paved in power or prayer
in charismatic fervent praise
or healing hands
by humble service
based on love of others
respect for another's views
care for creation and community

The coming of the Kingdom of God
is not signalled with blazing trumpets
but grows within us and society
like a seed or flavour of hope
infecting all with new life
born again
gently over millennia
working out the Purposes of God
in God's timetable, not in our own.

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