The first shall be last and the last first
in the upside down priorities of the Kingdom of God
where humility trumps pride and weakness power.

God responds to our need above all
more than to our position, length of service
or even the depth of our commitment, our deeds.

Faithfulness during the long-haul
is trumped by the desperation of true need.
Legal rights are trumped by divine grace.
The concepts of established religion
trumped by the immediacy of faith
the reality of spiritual need.

So the comfort of basing our faith on past ideas
carries no weight, needs to be reimagined
We need to think through our faith
to see where God has gone
and follow

Religion, the divine interface, is not static
We long for stability, but God has moved on
The Creator is not the inactive entity
of established, traditional, religion
but is still making things new.

The past has had its day
Tomorrow is yet to come
God gives us today