The "gospel of Jesus Christ" is the good news that Jesus preached
-not a message about Jesus, but a message through Jesus.
It is not primarily a message about the events in His life
and of his Crucifixion or even of any resurrection,
nor about the doctrine that developed later
concerning his atoning death.

The announcement of "good news" made by Jesus Christ,
was about God's Kingdom being established on earth
not about any post-death experience
nor about any salvatory action.

The kingdom of heaven is not some far away place
in a far away time that we can only dream about.
It can be here and now, among and within us.
Jesus put it this way:
"The Kingdom of God is not ushered in with visible signs.
You won't be able to say, 'It has begun here in this place
or there in that part of the country.'
For the Kingdom of God is within you."

We can seek for the Kingdom in the world around us.
We can see evidence of the coming of the Kingdom,
as mankind's moral compass expands across the globe,
as brutality becomes increasing unacceptable to all,
as we become increasingly aware of our need
** to care for the vulnerable...
** to comfort the broken hearted
** to tend the sick and wounded.
as hope displaces despair
and justice, inequality.
Did self-interest overwhelm the call for self-sacrifice?
Did wealth and position corrupt the message;
make untenable the call of Christ?
Where did it first go wrong?
Where did we lose
Christ's message

Paul identified the preaching of a false Gospel
only 20 years or so after Jesus died.
Did he then lead us
further astray?