The Christian concept of being "Born Again"
presumes a change of approach to support of current doctrine.
Yet, in the mouth of Jesus, it was a call to an alternative viewpoint.
So, from the depths of ordained orthodoxy, we may be called, reborn,
into a radical faith distanced from current religious dogma.
We may be reborn as a new unconstrained creation.
We may be called to reimagine reality.

We thus take another step on our Spiritual Journey,
passing, maybe, another doctrinal hurdle,
or seeing a new way to view
the mysteries of divinity.

Such a departure from all we have been taught brings much uncertainty.
Fear dogs our footsteps as we step over our past limitations.
Out of that womb of confusion, we may then emerge
to new truths driven by new incentives or teaching,
seeking for new foundations and ultimate reality.

Yet evangelical religion has taken the term to mean
a change to its bounded conceptions of Christianity.
We are "Born Again" and "take up our Cross"
as part of the "Army of Jesus" that
"Conquers in His Name".

Does growth of Faith, of being Reborn to a new spirituality,
imply inclusion into the bounded concepts of the evangelicals,
or may such a change be into a less defined spirituality
with equal validity?