Where to go to climb out of the orthodox religious mire?
After my first realisation of spiritual reality on Alpha,
my reading was centred on Evangelical certainties.
I knew no other way.

With the growth of uncertainty and doubt, of questioning,
three tipping points led me to wider fields:

1. A realisation that I did not believe my own words
When on Mission, I spoke to a girl about being Born Again
through saying a prayer of commitment to Jesus as Lord,
and realised that I did not believe what I had just said.
2. The Lost Message of Jesus by Steve Chalke
His exposure of the lack of credibility in Atonement Theology.
3. 'The Bible ' by Karen Armstrong.
Her exposition of the true nature of the Bible,
and the academic viewpoint on its construction.

Since then I have followed:
Marcus Borg - Karen Armstrong - Gretta Vosper
Richard Holloway - Dominic Crossan - Brian Maclaren
and, in particular:
- The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns
- The View from the Pew by Jack Dean
though much of my reading has been of online articles.

I have joined the Progressive Christian Network.
Even though remaining part of my local church,
I have become a Liberal, in religious terms,
and a heretic in many people's eyes.