Where to go to climb out of the orthodox religious mire?
After my first realisation of spiritual reality on Alpha,
my reading was centred on Evangelical certainties.
I knew no other way.

With the growth of uncertainty and doubt, of questioning,
three tipping points led me to wider fields:

1. A realisation that I did not believe my own words
When on Mission, I spoke to a girl about being Born Again
through saying a prayer of commitment to Jesus as Lord,
and realised that I did not believe what I had just said.
His exposure of the lack of credibility in Atonement Theology.
Her exposition of the true nature of the Bible and its history
and the academic viewpoint on its construction.
Marcus Borg - Karen Armstrong - Gretta Vosper
Richard Holloway - Dominic Crossan - Brian Maclaren
and, in particular:
- The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns
- The View from the Pew by Jack Dean
though much of my reading has been of online articles.

I have joined the Progressive Christian Network.
Even though remaining part of my local church,
I have become a Liberal, in religious terms,
and a heretic in many people's eyes.